Isabella got a makeover

There is always something new in Second Life (SL) for your avatar. Catwa has new Bento heads. My last head was LAQ and I liked it a lot but thought, why not try something new. I have heard a lot of good things about Catwa heads. I popped over to take a look at their new Bento heads. I tried a few demos and settled on one of them. I have to admit, there is a big learning curve with the Catwa HUD. Luckily I found someone to give me some guidance. I am sure I will tweak the head a little more as time goes by.

SL is all about adventure and experimentation! Take the plunge and try something new for your Avatar.

These pictures feature TRUTH hair, Lo’s top and skirt, KC Hedy shoes, Chop Zuey jewelry, RE nails and rings (great with Bento hands), Lara body, Skinnery skin, and Izzy’s makeup.isabella-got-a-makeover_34684705624_o[1]isabella-got-a-makeover_35139177480_o[1]isabella-got-a-makeover_35358346252_o[1]isabella-got-a-makeover_35395306161_o[1]isabella-got-a-makeover_34716492213_o[1]

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