Ready for summer

I’ve been in Second Life for over 8 years now and fashion has always been a passion. I was a runway model with a few agencies in the past and did some print work. Lately I have been having fun shopping, putting together looks and photographing. I hope that I can promote the many talented designers by doing this. Lately I was inspired to create a blog….so here it is!

My first pictures I’m posting shows a pretty little summer outfit. We all need something cute to wear in the hot summer weather. Eyelure’s baby shorts and ruffle top are perfect! Purple is my favorite color and looks great in these cute little denim shorts. The top is light and fitted to show all your sexy curves. The ruffle adds just the right feminine touch. N-Core’s sexy wedge thongs go perfectly with this outfit. Truth hair is one of my favorite designers. I can always find just the right style! I recently stumbled upon **RE** Jewelry. Their bracelets and earrings are perfect with this outfit. I can’t say enough about the nails and rings set! They are compatible with Bento hands and look great. Many options for nail color and jewelry options.

Have fun shopping!!


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